The Dangers of Owner Isolation


It is great to virtually see you here! I missed you! I really did.
This month, I had the pleasure of attending a Marketing conference centered around helping small business owners grow their companies and explode their brands.

In spending time with these brilliant business owners who were in varying stages of growth, I realized something incredibly powerful.

Entrepreneurs are not like everyone else.
We are weirdos. Our brains are made differently. It’s true! We view the world in terms of solutions. We view others in terms of how we can help their lives be better. We are a different breed!

The good news? We get to CHANGE THE WORLD. We, weirdos, are the reason for innovation and progress in society.

The bad news? We feel SO ALONE. And, at times, it is this feeling of being alone that can make us second guess our calling and purpose. This isolation can trick our brain into possibly giving up, losing momentum and simply not trying as hard as our potential can.

So what can we do?

Three Tips to Stay Connected

1. Find your Tribe

Connect with other business owners!
Most areas have a business association or business events that you can be a part of. This is less about NETWORKING and more about just joining like minded individuals and being in the same space where you have mutual experiences and can feel heard and understood.

There are also a lot of professional skills workshops that are available in different cities. For example, to sharpen your public speaking skills, there are weekly and monthly groups that meet just to give you the forum and feedback to become better!

2. Community Love

Building a professional network is one thing, but if your business is locally based, don’t underestimate hanging out in your area on a regular basis. Get to know your community. Get to understand what the owners of the business’s in your area are struggling with, need or desire. Attend the local festivals, events and town halls. The more present you are in your area, the more you will be the go-to for whatever your specialty is.

3. Attend Industry Events

Industry events contain people and experts in YOUR field!
Talk about speaking your own language! Getting out there around new information, future best friends and “competitors” will not only help you feel INSPIRED to grow your company in different ways, but it will also make you feel NORMAL.

Your struggles? They have it too.
Your wins? They want to hear about it.



Partnering with a consultant can make all of the difference in the world.

For social media and branding consulting, we take the time to get to know YOU, your goals and your brand and we walk alongside you as you grow. As you experience growing pains, questions or concerns with how to manage or handle different situations, we are there to hold your hand and offer advice every step of the way.

Our clients have gone from the fear and insecurity of even knowing what to post — to confidently placing Facebook/Instagram Ads and following up with leads.

We believe in you.
You are not alone.

Until next time,


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