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do this not that

The internet is going WILD after Facebook announced the new Algorithm update a couple of months ago (YES, MONTHS!). While the number one advice I can give to all of you is to NOT PANIC, the real thing is that we just need to continue to ADD VALUE.

A major reason for the change is that business’s have realized the incredible potential to reach a TARGETED audience and bring in QUALITY leads. Essentially, all of our feeds have been flooded with offers just for us- and while that’s been a great opportunity (I’ve taken advantage of a lot of cool stuff I wouldn’t have seen before) it has also taken over some of our personal connections, which is the whole reason we got on the platform in the first place.

So here is Wolf & Rabbits DO THIS, NOT THAT list for the updates.
*Social Media moves at light speed, this list could be outdated before I even hit publish, but we’ve all got to try*

Oh, hi!

  • Upload your Video Content DIRECTLY to the Video Manager on your FACEBOOK Page.
    • Youtube links now not only won’t play, but have a much lower organic reach than using their video platform.
  • Verify your Facebook Page!
    • This can be done by sending in copies of your mail, articles of incorporation or other methods.
    • When you have a VERIFIED page, your reach is higher because they trust that you are a true business and real source of valuable information.
  • Complete every Part of your Business Profile.
    • This is similar to the last point. Filling every aspect of your page with your information shows FB that you ARE a genuine business creating value added posts for your followers.
  • Trending Topics
    • Trending topic posts will receive better organic reach because they will be seen as relevant.

Oh, hi!-1

  • Promotional Verbiage.
    • Click here
    • Buy now
    • Like and Share
    • Tag your friend
    • Purchase here
    • INSTEAD: Try things like… “DM me if you think you need some help with this topic”
  • Clickbaiting.
    • Hooks like:
      • Oh my God!
      • I never would have saw this coming…
      • Wow, this is unbelievable
    • INSTEAD: Try to lead people to your blog by talking about the real pain caused by the topic you’re talking about. For example, “Are you worried your posts will get lost with Facebook’s new algorithm?”
      • Fear is equally enticing and you’re going to get QUALITY clicks instead of high bounce rates which will just inflate your numbers.
  • Text Only Status Updates.
    • INSTEAD: Add photos or better yet, do a brief video sharing your update as opposed to a text only status.
  • Posts about your Products or Services
    • In marketing terms we call this “HARD SELLING” which is essentially just going straight in and being direct that you want them to buy your product or service.
      • Dropping the landing page link for your cool service along with an image.
      • Only talking about your service, “People have been raving about my XSERVICE! Find out why!”
    • INSTEAD: Think about what problem your product or service is solving and talk about that. Create value and let people see the need for your product or service on their own. Blogging or creating short TOP THREE TIPS regarding your specialty type posts will be a better option.

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