Stop Crying about Algorithms

Stop Crying about Algorithms

Stop Crying about Algorithms

I’m officially over it. Hearing small business owners complain about the new algorithm changes with Instagram and Facebook. The fact is that YOU ruined it! Yes, you! Business’s ruined Instagram for everyone and now we’re getting a time out.

But we have to remember that Instagram isn’t about you.

It’s not about your business.

It’s about your customer. And Instagram, in it’s weird little matrix head, is doing what it believes to be best for your customer. So instead of whining – let’s hold ourselves more accountable to creating value added content for our followers AND to not spamming them. When the algorithm was based on chronological order – users were getting spammed by everyone posting at the same time. Sorry, not sorry, it’s true. We’ve all gotten so good at researching the data and implementing strategy that we forgot the user experience should come first.

So, what should you do?

Get Cozy.

Sit and click through all of the features of Instagram and find ways to use them for your business model. Scared of stories? Don’t even know what a Highlight is? It’s time to start. Utilizing your page to it’s full potential is what’s going to get you in front of your customers.

Change your Mindset.

Jai Lopa has a great take on Instagram for business in 2018. She explains,

“Instagram is the new business card.”

I know that some business owners consider social media silly, or purely social, or just aren’t ready to pay attention to it. But I guarantee you that when you introduce yourself and your business to someone new – they’re going to check out your INSTAGRAM. So what happens when they go there and there is no current content? They may feel wary about trusting your brand. It just is what it is!

So instead of focusing on “likes” and engagement and the algorithm changes, remind yourself that you are staying consistent to a brand. Building a portfolio of sorts that introduces your brand, values and mission to potential customers.

Mic drop.

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