TARGETING: 3 Tips to Stretch your Budget

For small business owners, each dollar counts. And when it comes to ad spend on social media, you want to be sure that you’re setting it up for success.

What we have discovered with our clients before they start working with us is that there is a “hope for the best” mentality. Meaning, there is not a lot of concrete strategy surrounding their spending choices.

1. Market right to your existing lead list.

The #1 way that companies lose out on new clients is by not having a better follow up system with their “warm leads” (people who have already expressed interest in your company and services, have opted in to your newsletter, have met with you for a strategy session, etc). Facebook’s Ad Manager allows you to upload your current list and run your AD specifically to those people.

What this means is that you’re able to stay front and center in their view and increase their chances of converting.

2. Do an extensive target client analysis.

I’m not saying that you only need to have ONE target client – but each AD should be designed, worded and created with one client in mind. This will increase your chances of speaking right to them and earning their trust. You want someone seeing your AD to think, “Omg, how did they know that I think that?!”

Ask yourself.

Who is Target Client #1:
Where does Target Client #1 shop?
Where does Target Client #1 work?
What hobbies does she/he have?
Where does her/his kids attend school?

Once you have this information, research things from: offers/verbiage, color pallete’s and calls to action.

While you always want to be centered in your brand – especially in your posts, content and website – it’s important to tailor your ADS to your ideal client. Take the answers to the above exercise and start with the photo/design, move to compelling copy and craft the perfect call to action.

Don’t forget to input these special interests, job titles and locations into your targeting settings.

3. Optimize the schedule.

An underutilized feature in the FB Ad Creator is the “Advanced” Schedule section. This section pulls up a full calendar with times during the week.

This is important because it means you can have better control over when your AD is being shown (and when your money is getting spent).

Example #1

Let’s say your target client is a corporate professional. Chances are, her schedule is M-F 9a-5pm. Set the customized settings to run from 6pm-1:30am M-F and then all daylight hours on Saturday and Sunday. (Yes, people use FB during working hours, but the likelihood of clicking an AD to learn more is significantly lower.)

Example #2

Let’s say you’d like to run an AD with the following copy,

“Is X PROBLEM keeping you up at night?”

You can specifically choose to only run this AD during nighttime hours, 9:30pm-2:30am.  This way they’re seeing it when they’re being kept up at night.

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