“But Instagram stories are so lame.”

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So, let’s start off with this. Do you even have an Instagram account? If you don’t and you feel like, “Well, that’s a silly question.. Instagram is a waste of time.. It’s for kids..etc” I can tell you that right now, one of the best decisions as a business owner to make is to KEEP UP with the wildly changing social media world and right now that’s by using Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram started in 2010, and has been pushing the envelope in terms of how to provide quality content to it’s users ever since. If you think about it, it’s pretty perfect. You take a photo or SHORT video, add some text to elaborate and then there are several ways to reach out to people in your targeted area by using hashtags or even the location tool.  If you can do that a couple of times a week, you’re golden.

I bet you’re wondering..


Well, let’s get to the point.

I hear a lot of resistance when it comes to new changes from these social media platforms. Sometimes, resistance to even using them at all! As a business owner myself, I understand that it’s incredibly important to be money conscious. So, why not invest time each week into learning about them? It can help me get clients AND HELLO, IT’S FREE.

Instagram stories are so helpful for showing your audience and (potential) new patrons/clients how awesome you are! You don’t even have to take a picture if you’re stumped about what to show off. So, no excuses.

Did you know you can poll your audience, too? Instagram stories offer a text feature that provides eye appealing colors as the background, sweet fonts and then you can add a poll. Use the poll to ask your customers questions you’d like to know about them to gather data or even take it a step in another direction and ask fun questions for engagements. Either way, this helps you build a closer relationship with your customers and followers.

There are fun filters and stickers to use if you want to add some silliness to your pictures or story. Ever wonder what you’d look like as a dog? Well, here’s your chance, you awesome dog entrepreneur, you.

When you use stories for your business Instagram account, it’s so important to use the location tool and hashtags. These both serve as – kind of like a fishing pole. Make sure your hashtags are relevant! Then when your potential perfect customer is out there looking for you, they can find you.

If you have any questions on how to use hashtags, check out our hashtag strategy guide here.

Hashtag Strategy

HACK: If you want to take a longer video or use different filters you can use Snapchat or Facebook’s recording feature, save your video and then upload them to your camera and you will have uninterrupted videos with extra filters in your story feed. (Currently Instagram only allows for 15 seconds for each Story video)

Questions? We’re here for you.

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