Stock Photo Woes


We are living in a visual world!

Whether you LOVE stock photos or you HATE them – they have become an essential part of the business toolkit. The photos and images that you choose to represent your brand on your website and social media can make or break people’s first impression of you and your vision.
With that in mind, how do you find the right images without breaking your budget?

Here are our TOP FIVE FAVORITE FREE stock photo sites:

UNSPLASH (this is the most popular so beware Рpeople will see these images everywhere!)
Our co-owner and Director of Brand Development, Ren, has this caution to share when it comes to stock photos: 
“More than ever, people are searching for authenticity and a connection with people that they choose to do business with. They can easily spot things that feel fake, posed or phony. Stock photos have the major potential of falling in this category. Be sure to mix up your images to include behind the scenes photos, reposts of your best clients or testimonials. When things look too ‘perfect’ it feels cold and boring. Remember to bring YOUR unique voice and personality to your company.”
Do you have a favorite stock photo site? Share it below!
And happy posting!

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