Staying Human in the Bot Age

We’re going to talk about a couple of dirty words in the social media world today.

They are:
Social Proof

The rising popularity of Instagram bots is no surprise. They are able to automate some of the best strategies for growing a following – and do this quicker than most people. Because, let’s be honest, as business owners, the one resource we seem to run out of before any other is TIME.

While all of that sounds great. I swear that it is automation that has given me major trust issues. I think they’ve given us ALL trust issues. Why do you think the mysterious “algorithms” keep changing? To try to outsmart the bots and keep social media authentic.

The reality is that while “Social Proof” is important in the beginning in terms of showing up and trying to earn the right into the conversation with potential clients. It is not important enough to risk losing your integrity and authenticity.

So how do you implement strategies that can still help you a grow a following in a strategic way? 

Here are 3 of the ways we teach our workshop clients to do this:

  1. Hashtag Search

    • Instagram has now made this way easier with their hashtag follow feature, but really try to think about what YOUR target client is hashtagging on their photo. When you search these hashtags – check out the profiles and see if it’s a good fit for your services. If so, like comment and follow their profile.
  2. Relevant Page Search

    • What pages do you think your target client is following? Where do you think they shop or their kids attend school? Walking through this exercise can show you where you might be able to find your target client. Simply look up the page and go to their followers and start searching! 
  3. Message an Offer

    • As new followers start to come in, check out their profiles and see what they’re about! Like a few of their photos and consider following back. We also recommend sending them a customized offer. Here’s an example of one that we’ve used before:
      “Hey! Thank you for following us. We are here to support you in gaining new clients through your social media, if you think you need some help with us – let us know and we can set up a FREE strategy session! Happy posting!”

Above all, I’ll say it again, just be YOU. The more authentic and the more integrity you bring to your business and your online presence, the better relationships you’re going to build with potential new clients.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to continue this conversation – contact us and let us know what you think!

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