Instagram 2018: What’s up next!

Facebook is hosting it’s F8 conference¬†and business owners are watching closely for all of the new updates and information that is being shared at this event. After all the stress from the big algorithm bomb that got dropped in 2017 and with the brand new limit in features on popular marketing dashboard platforms – we could all use some positive excitement.

One thing is apparent – they are investing heavily in features that will enhance the user experience – which is great news for Instagram marketing and business owners. One of the major things you’re going to see as an opportunity is that creators, influencers and brands will now have the ability to create their own custom face filters using Facebook’s AR studio! This might turn into a very creative and fun way to grow your following – as users will only be able to use your filter if they follow you.

Further proof that Stories are where the opportunities are!

At F8, they also released data showing that 200 million users visit business pages on Instagram – but 2/3 (the majority) do NOT “follow” the business on Instagram. This is why it’s vital to have a smart strategy with your content to drive click through’s to your website!

To see more of the features that are rolling out, check out these updates:

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Time will tell how effective these features will be, and what new security issues could potentially arise, but I have to say – it feels good to feel excited about the future outlook of social media marketing and the power it has to empower small business to meet new clients and boost sales!

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