Stand out in your city. Even with a world full of noise.

 Let’s face it, we’re living in a fast paced world where #YOLO is being seriously considered and isn’t just some silly Hip – Hop reference. People are ditching their 9 to 5 and following their dreams. Sounds awesome, right? It is! What does this mean for you? Well, it just simply means that more “niche’ ideas” become a little bit more saturated and it can feel harder to stand out from all of the noise even when your ideas are bangin’. Consider these few steps to start if you know your brand is incredible but you’re struggling to show the world.


Think about it , there are a lot of small businesses out there, 27.9 million currently. Seems intimidating to some but to others it’s basically like “GAME ON” because if YOU’RE the best, then prove it.

But you’re saying HOW – TELL ME HOW. Okay.

Well, think about your favorite YouTube person or Facebook/ Instagram account you follow (or if you seriously do none of those things..think of the person you stalk). What is it you like about them? Nine times out of ten it’s because they have a unique story, they donate to or participate in your favorite organization, they are relatable, inspiring, they are super cute, they have a killer sense of humor or they provide awesome knowledge. Either way, it’s one of those qualities or if they are superhuman, all of those qualities. Why is that important? Because  if you choose to let that inspire YOU by let’s say, telling YOUR story or maybe talking about the charity that you love to volunteer for, it will attract your people. QUALITY PEOPLE and honestly, it just magnifies from there kind of like a snowball effect. So, we musn’t shun out who we are and put up stock photos with googled quotes all day. I mean, you can, but remember to sprinkle your own personality in it. If you’re as funny as I am, tell a joke in YOUR OWN WORDS. You know? It never hurts and I promise it won’t hurt you or your business. I mean, as long as you’re being nice. Remember as a business owner you must also stay politically correct. So, be yourself but channel your inner Bey, too.

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I don’t know about you, I’m a deal shopper but I am also very loyal to a company when they give me some goods that are of great caliber with sweet customer service on top. Honestly, when the customer service is good. I probably would buy something ratty and still keep coming back because I was treated like  the queen I truly am.

I think a lot of us just expect bad customer service these days that if you offer good customer service, that’s a really good way to create a really good reputation and stand out.

Make sure you are researching your competitors and how they operate. Basically, spy but don’t overstep boundaries or be creep.(Solid advice, right?) The truth is, there are enough sales to go around for everyone but it’s good to know what your competitors offer so you can run fun promotions to essentially show them how your brand is better. Stick with your prices, though. Don’t freak out and lower your prices because your neighbor has low prices. Sometimes, low prices can be a red flag. Use discretion and a lot of thought before making a move like that. You work hard. Don’t discredit your worth.


Isn’t it so fun when you ask a brand a question and they ACTUALLY RESPOND? Being a small business owner you have the upper hand because you can get cozy with your customers. You can get to know a lot of them personally and actually form bonds with them. So, interacting online shows everyone that you’re personable, obviously funny, knowledgeable and not to mention super cool. When you are interacting with your audience you can use stories or other features to really get to know them and find out what they like. Stumped on an idea? ASK THEM. There are great voting features and ways to get your people involved and thus creating a really incredible relationship and a place that people feel welcomed or even understood because, you’re listening.

Lastly, my advice is to focus on really gaining a authentic following and stop stressing over a number of followers. People buy followers all of the time now. So, at this point it’s becoming irrelevant. Be true to you and your brand and gain QUALITY followers. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


If you have down time at night while you have the TV on or whatever. Just hop on IG or FB and follow people who fall in you ideal customer categories by searching hashtags, followers or locations. If you spend a little bit of time each night or morning (whatever works), It really goes a long way. Remember, practice makes progress.

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