Help, I’m Stuck: Content

Help I'm Stuck + Content

We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with business owners, virtually or in person, and talk to them about their business and where they are currently feeling challenged. With social media, one of the most common areas is with CONTENT.

Content is what connects us. It what makes people want to follow your social media, subscribe to your newsletters and *hopefully* buy your stuff! And yet, even as experts, we can feel paralyzed when it comes to creating content about our business for our target clients.

Here are our top three recommendations when it comes to creating content:


    • If you are getting tagged in other’s posts online, you want to share these images on your own social media pages. Why? Because not only does it immediately offer you social proof of people loving your stuff – but it encourages MORE people to tag you! You begin to build a cycle and culture of rewarding people for talking about you online. Giving you an audience in front of other people’s followers/friends/family.
    • If you are NOT getting tagged *yet* in other’s posts – create a simple campaign to encourage them to do so. A great one that we have used for clients is a raffle/enter to win contest for 1-2 months in which you are entered into the raffle each time you post a photo and tag the company. The prize should be something that gets your ideal client excited, whether it’s complimentary upgrades to give them a taste of your premium services, or a mix of swag and dinner out to a local hot spot.

    • If you have an established brand with a library of content on your website, you want to repurpose this content as much as possible!
      • One blog post can create 5-10 different posts, depending on how you use it. For example, pull quotes from your blog and create “tiles” for social media. Not only does this highlight your authority but it can help direct people to your website for the full article.
      • Posting about the products in your online store can be a great way to showcase everything that you have to offer to your clients.
      • If you have brief bios of your team online, showcase them!
      • If you partner with other brands, share the love and talk about why it’s a good match.
      • Create posts that highlight your portfolio or client testimonials.
    • If you don’t have a library of content on your website, make that a goal for the coming 6 months.
      • Chances are, there are very established business’s in your field that do have a blog library. Share relevant articles along with YOUR professional opinion! Always direct them to the original source, but this shows your followers that they can come to YOU to find quality information that matters to them.
      • Pull information that you’ve been featured in on different websites, podcasts or videos in your area.
      • Create posts that highlight your portfolio or client testimonials (these should go on your website, but even if you don’t have it built yet – these make for great content).

    • Share behind the scenes photos of a typical workday for you.
    • Create funny meme’s that highlight some of your clients problems or common obstacles.
    • Write blogs that feature your clients – tell their story and get them involved.


At the end of the day – anything is better than nothing. Try, experiment and HAVE FUN! You have the knowledge within you – just be willing to let it out!