Marketing shmarketing.

What are you doing right now? Are you reading this from your phone, by chance? I will guess that 90% of you are. The thing that a LOT of businesses aren’t taking seriously, is how important marketing online really is. Mobile will continue to be a top way for consumers to gather information, so why not show yourself off and put yourself RIGHT in your customer’s view, (literally.)

What is the VALUE to you?

A lot of times, I notice that business owners put marketing on last, (YES, LAST) for budget spend and do all the work themselves or not at all. That’s fine, but it just seems a little backwards. If you hire someone and spend even $1000 on ads/marketing a month and that marketing brings you in over 200% or even way more of what you would have made originally, why wouldn’t you do it? You’d seem crazy not to. You end up making more than you spend, AND you didn’t even have to spend all that time thinking of how to get more people in the door, (since you’re most likely already doing a ton of other work.) Not to mention, it gets people talking about you. So, having a team that can design you an ad that stands out and slaps your future customers in the face, (not literally) is a great way to start.



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