How to : Turn Followers into Referrals

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Growing a following is a huge goal for businesses of any size. But I’ve been listening to you… and what I hear a lot is – what’s the point of followers if they don’t become actual clients?

Good question.

What is the point? To inflate our ego? Make ourselves feel like we’re doing great online?

Our main focus when it comes to social media is gaining the followers that turn into referrals. So how do we bridge this gap? How do we encourage our following to buy our great stuff, come to our events or utilize our services?

The answer is not all that glamorous – we make a plan.

Each endeavor that you take on in your business starts with an idea and a strategy. Investing your sweat equity into social media is no different. We simply can’t “wing it” and cross our fingers that people will want to become paying clients — we need to map each element of this, so that we’re able to have INTENTION and authenticity in what we’re offering and the content we’re delivering. And, so that at the end of the day we can feel good about what we spent our energy on. 

Get off the spiral of the trial and error of the unknown.

Here are our 4 steps to turn Followers into Referrals

  1. Client Development

    • How will you grow a following of future clients if you’re not quite sure who your ideal client is?
    • How will you know what offers to make, stories to tell, questions to answer if you’re unsure who you’re talking to?
  2. Social Media Content Library

    • What is your business social media account communicating about your brand?
    • What is the most common thing you post about and is that about you or your client?
    • Why would they want to follow you?
  3. Attraction

    • What is your strategy to get your ideal clients attention and draw them to your account?
    • How are you getting their attention?
  4. Conversion

    • What do you have in place to introduce and onboard them into your offers?
    • Is the process simple or many steps?

Business owners dance the mamba of trial and error for years trying to find their method while they manage the rest of their company and daily operations.

This doesn’t have to be you!

That is why we’ve launched our new course in our Wolfpack Academy that dives into these 4 areas. In each section you will utilize our materials, take notes from the video and complete a quiz to master your understanding.

When you finish the course you can bring this information to life in a one on one session with us to see how to tailor this information directly to your industry and field of expertise.

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