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How to Connect in Copywriting

Since we were all little humans, we’ve loved a juicy story. Give us the Who’s in Who’sville – give us the Nancy Drew mysteries – we eat it up.

The art of storytelling is not only a good element of marketing – it’s vital. People crave connection and when it comes to making business decisions, we would rather go with someone/a company that we’ve built a connection with over a stranger. Words built relationship. 

So, how do you make sure that you’re making that connection? 

5 Minute Copywriting Audit

  • OPEN 2 PAGES FROM YOUR WEBSITE: your home page of your website + open up one of the top visited pages on your website.
  • WE/ME/US: Walk through and tally up how many times you use the word “we, about us, from our perspective, we think… etc”
  • YOU: Do the same thing and tally up how many times you say the word, “you.”
  • RATIO: What is your ratio?

I’m not going to give you a magic number here — but think about the last time you met THAT person or had lunch with THAT friend. You know the one, who monologues about her vacation, relationships, drama. Yes, her. How many times do you invite her to lunch?

Connection happens when we feel like someone is interested in US. In me. In my problems, experiences and growth.

If your ratio is leaning toward the we/me/us side (don’t stress – MOST companies do), brainstorm ways that you can inject fresh language and questions that address your ideal client directly. That speak right to what she’s looking for and what she’s scared of if she can’t find it.

I challenge you to do this same exercise with the last 5 social media posts that you’ve put on your business page.

Often times – we don’t know what we didn’t know 5 minutes ago.
Now, you know.

So go out and connect.

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