SEO: Rank Higher with a Low Budget


If your business isn’t showing up online – you’re virtually invisible.

SEO is the super complicated, non-sexy side of building a successful marketing campaign.

While social media has taken a lot of marketing limelight in 2017-2018 –  there is still no denying that being searchable on Google is extremely relevant.

According to InternetLiveStats – there are approximately 40,000 search queries every SECOND. You can view their LIVE counter, here. Depending on your niche and the markets that you serve – that is thousands of opportunities that you could be missing or making the most of.

Small business owners come to us frequently with so many questions about SEO.
One of the top ones is –

“How do I rank higher with a low budget?”

Be Realistic with your Keywords

A lot of small business owners, when we first start working together, have a handful of keywords that they are dead set on ranking for. I’m a Veterinarian and I WILL BE #1 for “Top Tampa Vet.” While I appreciate the optimism, when you have a lower budget, chances are you will not be able to rank for the most common keywords. And even if you DO have a large budget, it makes sense to approach it more strategically.

On the high end, keywords in highly competitive markets can be $65-$97/click.

Yes – per ONE CLICK.

This is why we recommend thinking outside of the box and bidding on service-based and thought-based keywords. 

For example, if you’re a Veterinarian, you want to gravitate towards:

  • Cat dentals
  • Cat hospital
  • Pet care
  • Vet (zip code)
  • Vet near me
  • Dog exams

Be Relevant

The best way to stretch your budget further – is to have relevant, frequently updated words located on your website.

Here are some simple content ideas:

  • Blog content: FAQ, Recent Experiences, Service Spotlight
  • Client Testimonials
  • Portfolio/Gallery
  • Educational Resources
  • News Page
  • Team Bios

When Google identifies you as “relevant” you will be able to stretch your budget much further. 

So get out there and start ranking!
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