Branding your Marketing Materials

Wolf & Rabbit Branding

Wolf & Rabbit Branding

With the endless emphasis on our online presence, it’s easy to get away from the simple fact that having well branded marketing materials is key.

I’m not sure how many business cards you’ve encountered in your lifetime, but I can bet it’s a lot. Maybe thousands. And I can bet that a lot of them look hella similar.

When we think about business cards and our brand materials we’re in an analytical mindset. We’re thinking data.

Logo, check.
Name, check.
Website, check.
Will I be able to write on the glossy one if I need to… no… matte finish it is, check.

This analytical mindset is the reason why so many business cards look the same. And it doesn’t stop there. It happens to our menus, process documents, contracts and freebies.

Before they start working with us, a lot of business owners express that they WANT to be different and stand out – they just don’t know how, or don’t have the time, or don’t feel like it will make a difference. But, strong branding shouldn’t stop when we design our logo or build our website or pop our cover photo into social media. Branding is communicated through every touch point that our potential clients go through.

Each interaction, tangible or digital, is an opportunity for someone to gather more information about you and your business.
What sets you apart, your vibe, your style.

At the end of the day, it is these mini – interactions that influence the decision making process. Are you piquing curiosity? How are you standing out from the other cards on the table? Are you noticeable?

Like our mission, we wanted our business cards to remind business owners that running a business is F U N and to think outside the box.

What are your marketing materials communicating about your brand?


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