Stop Setting DUMB Social Media Goals

dumb social media goals

dumb social media goals

If you missed my rant earlier this year –
take a moment and refresh your memory:

Stop Crying about Algorithms

I’m here to sip some more tea and this time it’s all about the social media goals that business owners are setting. And, I genuinely believe that it isn’t your fault. Every week there’s a new “biz coach,” app or e-course that promises to teach you about the latest MAGIC TRICK that will change EVERYTHING.

I know that sounds ridiculous and it should. Because I call bullshit. And I’ll tell you why. There is no magic anything with social media. Same as there is no magic anything with marketing. You can pick up a textbook from years ago and 99% of the information is STILL RELEVANT because that’s just how the internet works and that’s just how human beings work.

Stop growing followers and start growing potential clients.
Stop counting likes and start counting website visits and DM’s.
Stop making content like you’re a famous lifestyle blogger and start creating content that matters to your ideal client.

And, for the people in the back: It’s not about likes – it’s about leads.

When we first start working with people, they are really worried about getting left behind or missing out on the next big thing that could impact their business. The truth is that, like anything else, good things simply take time and consistent focus. For some industries that might look like two posts a day + ongoing brand awareness campaign + targeted exclusive offer campaign — forever. And for others it might look different.

It all starts with the right mindset, knowledge and support.
We’ve definitely got your back.

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