Breaking it Down: How Much Should I pay for Social Media Management?

social media budget

social media budget

Social Media Management Fees

What to Expect. What is Included. Is it for you?

Social media has the potential to bring in new clients, gain exposure for your products, grow lists, increase loyalty and so much more. Because of the potential, business owners are more likely than ever to seek out professionals for advice, workshops and management for their social media channels.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s worth it to have a company manage your day to day posting – this blog post is for you.

Let’s talk money – how much does it cost?

To talk about cost – let’s dive into the different factors associated with social media management. Here are all of the elements that impact cost:

  • How many social media profiles
  • How many posts/week/day
  • Are you providing the content through your website (blog, photo libraries, reviews, case studies, etc) or is the marketing company going to be creating a lot of original content for you?
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The average cost for social media management in 2018 ranged from $1,500 – $7,000 / month. That might sound like a high range but depending on the above factors – essentially, the more customized and time sensitive your plan is – the more expensive.

Our most popular social media management package is $697/month (with savings when you pay up front for 3 months). The way that we keep costs lower is we keep our business owners involved. This package includes all of the above but it is the business owners responsibility to respond to messages, post story updates and engage with comments and tags.

It is all about working with a company you trust to develop a package that can work for you and your goals.

What can I expect?

Social Media Management is the day-to-day management of your account. So what makes it different than when you would do it yourself?

Here are the minimum benefits:

  • As part of the set-up, the team will organize your bio in a way that reflects what sets you apart from your competition. It will also drive browsers to the most important parts of your business – signing up for your list, opting in to your free thing, shopping your online store or scheduling an appointment with you.
  • Your Account Manager will analyze your insights and statistics to find the best posting times for YOUR target clients. This means that each post will go out when it the best chance of being seen and engaged with.
  • Your captions and copy-writing will reflect your brand and target clients attitudes, pain points and needs.
  • A keyword analysis will reveal what hashtags will place you in the sight of your target client. These hashtags will keep you searchable in the areas that matter most.

Is it for me?

Outsourcing your social media management is right for you if:

  • You mostly post on your business page when you suddenly remember that you haven’t posted in awhile and pick a random photo out of your phone’s library.
  • You have a content library of either photos, blogs, staff bios, menus, affiliate information, etc. readily available on your website.
  • You see that your competition is running ADs and has a comprehensive strategy and you still haven’t totally jumped on the bandwagon yet.
  • You’ve built sales funnels but are needing new ways for target clients to opt-in to that funnel.
  • You really like posting fun, behind the scenes photos but haven’t yet developed a true campaign or strategy to your content.
  • You know there’s a lot to learn in the social media world but don’t have the time to become an expert yourself.

Outsourcing your social media management is NOT right for you if:

  • You know everything about social media and how to use it and are just wanting someone to do exactly what you think is best.
    • Upwork or empowering someone on your team is a better fit.
  • You really enjoy it, spend a lot of time doing it and are going to most likely still do it anyways.
    • Social Media Consulting or Social Media Advertising would be a better fit.
  • You’ve found yourself saying, “No one can ever capture my voice or my brand the way that I can. Whenever I work with others I always have to go in and make changes because they’re just not getting it.”
    • Therapy will be a better fit. Taking a brand development workshop will help you define and communicate effectively who your ideal client is, who you are and what your goals are.


Performing a competitor analysis and industry analysis is the #1 way to see where you stand in your niche. As long as information leads the way – there is no wrong answer.

We’re here when you’re ready to dive in.




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