Stop Being Anonymous : Master FB AD Targeting

One of my favorite quotes is…

“Don’t be your own best kept secret.” DANG! That is powerful. Not to mention, that is what social media + digital marketing is all about. Not being your own best kept secret.

UNFORTUNATELY… the author of that quote is “anonymous.”
So it didn’t work out for him/her! But that doesn’t have to be you!



don't be anonymous

Your clients need you. They’re waiting for you to help them solve their problems – they just need to know who you are first. This is through, of course, social media (and being consistent) and your website — but it’s also through Ads.

We recently performed a survey with entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay area and we found out that there is so much confusion when it comes to targeting in Facebook Ads. What we know through experience and gaining results for our clients – is that TARGETING is one of the most important parts of running a successful AD campaign. And the reason why is because targeting goes further than checking the boxes or selecting the interests on the Ads Manager.  Targeting is in the DESIGN, it’s in the MESSAGING. Good targeting should be woven all throughout the Ad. 

So here are our 3 Tips to Target like the Pros

1. Look-a-like Audience

Facebook professionals have been working hard to develop features that take the guess work out of Advertising with them. And as part of this initiative, they released the ability to use a look-a-like audience where they take the characteristics of your current social media following and automatically target people who would fit in that same group.

Using this feature helps to increase conversion rates and give you confidence that you aren’t simply marketing blindly. We absolutely recommend testing this in your next Facebook AD!

The only catch is that you need to make sure that your following is HIGH QUALITY. Meaning, do your actual clients follow your accounts? Did you purchase followers which would end up skewing your results? If you don’t believe your following represents the clients you’re working to attract, skip this and go back to the traditional targeting methods.

2. Use Real Data

Instead of targeting this hypothetical stereotype of a person that you’ve imagined in your head as being the perfect client – stop and write down 5 of your top clients and then use survey information and direct data to craft your targeting and message.

The more we can base our decisions on real life data, the better.

I’m not saying that daydreaming about your ideal client is not a helpful exercise when it comes to branding, but oftentimes, our ideal client shifts over time and who we think we’re for may be different than who we’re really for.

So plant those feet on the ground of information!

3. Inject Targeting in Your Copy, Visuals and CTA’s

Targeting doesn’t stop on the back end of your AD – it should be a fluid process which goes into your messaging, visuals and call to action.


As entrepreneurs, we are masters of efficiency — and honestly, we have a ton of shit to do! But spending that extra time and care on ADs will only help you meet new clients and get your money’s worth from your advertising budget.

You’re not anonymous and you’re damn sure NOT a secret.

Your company shouldn’t be either.

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