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You’re being pretentious and you don’t even know it…

As business owners we are experts in what we do.
We practically eat, sleep and cry tears of our industry.
We’ve worked our asses off to be that way.
Studied for years, attended conferences, read books and rubbed elbows with other top leaders in the field.

Honestly, it’s a lot to be proud of.
And that knowledge is perfect for executing the services that your clients need and delivering great results. It’s great for your business.


What it isn’t great for?


Many times, business owners that we meet with are actually isolating future clients because they’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to be in their shoes. They’re so caught up in their industry lingo that no one can even understand them.
It isn’t that they aren’t coming off smart  – because they certainly are – but not smart/cool/approachable, smart/pretentious. The thing is, you aren’t listening to your client, you’re talking at them.


Maybe the generations before us made decisions based on who spoke the fanciest or who sounded the smartest or who talked the loudest. But it’s just not like that anymore. — People are now searching for people they can trust. And building trust is all about how we communicate, and listen.

Marketing your company isn’t really
about your company at all.

It’s about your ideal client,
it’s about solving their problems.

And the key to great ad campaigns and high converting websites and google search blurbs is
S I M P L I C I T Y.

So where do you get started or how do you know if you’re falling into this habit?

Start by asking yourself, what are the most common questions that you hear when you first start working with someone? Your clients are already showing you the disconnect.

We’d recommend creating entire ad campaigns around “demystifying” the confusing parts of your industry. Once you’re able to do this – you’ll always be top of mind when people need what you have to offer.
You’ve got this.

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