How to: Create a Kick Ass Content Calendar

January has the tendency to feel like a completely blank slate when it comes to Marketing your company. Intentions are high and there’s an air of “I think I can” lingering long after the champagne flutes have clinked and midnight kisses have died down.

A big part of a new year is creating a content calendar for everything from blogs, to e-blasts/newsletters and social media. It’s about brainstorming a strategy to bring awareness to the best parts of your business. So what separates the average content calendars from the GREAT ones?

Goal Setting

Before you schedule a branded and stylized photoshoot, before you invest hours into writing blogs on random topics – sit down and really contemplate your goals for 2019. Specifically, which area of your business are you really looking to grow?

Content is simply a vehicle for manifesting what you want more of in your business.

What you talk about most, expands, and with this knowledge you are armed with everything you need to not only set up your content, but also reach your goals for 2019. For Wolf & Rabbit Inc. – we want to grow in each of our Marketing Departments. Social Media, Website, Branding and Copy writing. With these goals in mind, we are shining the spotlight on each department in rotation. That means each month will showcase a different specialty and a giveaway, offer and Facebook Live to go right along with it.

Once you understand where you want to go, it’s simple to work backwards and build the content bridge to get there.

So tell us, what are your goals for 2019?

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