How to Avoid the Top Three Mistakes in Social Media Advertising

If you’d like to:

  • Feel more confident in setting up a Social Media AD Campaign
  • Start seeing better results
  • Make small tweaks to already well performing campaigns to boost their performance
  • Make Social Media Advertising a priority in 2019
  • Troubleshoot your unsuccessful campaigns

Then this blog post is for you! We’ve compiled the top three mistakes that small business owners make with social media advertising PLUS included tips for getting it right.

How to Avoid the
Small Business Owners make with Social Media Advertising:

Set the Right Goal

Setting the right goal sounds super simple, right? The trick here is to make sure that you’re setting the right goal for the offer that you’re making. We want to be as specific as possible in what goals we have so that we effectively break down the goal into actionable pieces that we can measure. And while a lot of elements of Marketing are not measurable – Advertising is.

Once you set the right goal you then have to match it to “Campaign Objective” within the ADs Manager. Here’s an example of setting the right goal and pairing that with a great AD Campaign Objective.

Goal: Have new clients claim my exclusive offer and use it in my store
Campaign Objective: Messages
AD Copy / Messaging : Message us to claim your offer and learn more about this limited time opportunity!
How to track: Number of messages, number of offers redeemed.


One of the biggest improvements in the past year to ADs Manager is “Lookalike Audiences.” You’ll have to go through a few extra steps in order to compile this audience but once you do you’re set! Facebook/Instagram uses it’s algorithms to put together audiences that have similar interests/behaviors as people who currently follow you (assuming these are your clients, that’s a great thing!).

From here you’ll just have to select the lookalike audience and then fine tune the location to make sure you’re not paying for impressions that are not relevant.

For a step by step walk through on look-a-like audience building, visit:
Facebook Business

Overly Sales-y

Today’s consumer is smarter than ever. They are empowered with more information and options than has ever been possible. I believe that this is a GOOD thing for the business world because it forces us to step up our game and answer the questions:
What do you bring to the table and why should I trust you?

We need to be value-driven and customer-led. Study the patterns of behavior on your website and see what topics people are gravitating towards the most – then contemplate ways to deliver value in those areas. Any AD campaign that you run should be focused on solving your clients pain points – not on selling your stuff.

Tap into why you started your company in the first place and inject everything you create with that same verbiage and heart. Speak right to them at their struggle and show them that you’re not only their ally – but that you want to GIVE them ways to overcome their obstacles. Spending time focusing on value builds trust and will increase brand loyalty for years to come.

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