Turn Website Visitors into Leads

As small business owners, we invest a lot into having a high quality website. We hire professionals, perform surveys, fine-tune our brand materials, update our head-shots and dive deep into our ideal clients headspace. All for the purpose of making a positive impression on potential clients.

Once our beautifully branded website is created we then continue to invest in it. Our advertising budgets are spent in gaining visibility and attention online and ultimately driving traffic to that website so people can learn more about us and reach out to book an appointment or sign up for all of our cool stuff!

Yet oftentimes there’s a big gap. What about people who visit your site but who aren’t ready to reach out yet? People who aren’t convinced yet that what you have to offer can really help them? THESE are your people. They hold great potential for your business and that’s why we recommend creating something special just for them.


Lead Magnets!
Lead magnets are any kind of valuable content that a visitor can download in exchange for their email address.

A lead magnet can be a checklist, e-book, worksheet or tips that SOLVE your ideal clients pain points.

As an example, let’s think of a salon company.

What are pain points that salon clients experience?

  • Fighting signs of aging, looking youthful
  • Recreating salon looks at home
  • Choosing the right products
  • Trying a new stylist for the first time
  • Which look will compliment their features

Looking at that list, there are many simple things you could create as your lead magnet:

  • 5 Common Beauty Mistakes That Are Aging You
  • 10 Minute Hair Styles That Anyone Can Master
  • Top Products For Your Weekend Getaway

Once you create your one sheet document – simply set up a form on your website and include a title with three brief bullet points about what the guide includes.
Once they contact you – send them the goods!

This small introductory point can hopefully be the first of many interactions that position you and your company as the expert and market leader. Just remember – it should be FREE, VALUABLE and EASY TO ACCESS.

If you want to brainstorm what lead magnets could work for you and your company – simply contact us! We’d love to learn more about your business and offer some insights.