4 Blog Prompts for Non-Writers

As a small business owner – you know that having frequent content published on your website is key to:
• Establishing yourself as a leader in the industry
• Boosting the organic searchability on your website
• Adding value to your ideal client

With all of that said… writing a blog can still be intimidating. After all, it comes down to just you and a blinking cursor on a white screen.

Here are 4 Blog Prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Simply add a catchy title and proofread before you publish. Remember – it is not about perfect, it is about connecting!

    • What myths or common misconceptions do you see in your industry? What stereotypes or assumptions do people make about what you do?
    • Write a blog calling out the myth and offer your insights into why it’s not true and what people need to know about it.
    • Stories are a highly effective way to communicate! Share a recent client experience or a personal experience about where you were (or how you felt) BEFORE you implemented the services that your company offers – and where you are and how you feel NOW.
    • Readers LOVE tips.
    • Even if you no longer do client work and have stepped back into more of the CEO/strategy role – you are still an EXPERT. Think of the services that your company offers and write 3 tips for each one.
    • Tips can make complicated topics very easy to understand and approachable.
    • Thanks to social media apps – todays world is much more visual than it has been in the past. In the fashion and beauty industries this means that you can create blogs built completely on your portfolio or current inspiration.
    • Showing off your recent projects or clients can help someone have confidence in your skills.
    • Showing off your current inspiration / projects you’d LIKE to do more of will show people what you’re looking for AND help them get to understand you in a better way.

The secret is… you don’t have to be good at writing to have a successful blog – you simply have to start.

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