If They Don’t Know, They Can’t Show Up

I say this all of the time to my wife and I’m sure it drives her crazy. BUT. People don’t know who you are and definitely can’t become your customer if you don’t tell them!

What easier way to find your people but through social media and Google?! It’s basically free access to almost anyone you need right at your fingertips because everyone uses it. So, you essentially have nothing to lose.

So, where do you start?

Social Media Posting Strategy

It might sound silly but make sure you set up a social media posting strategy. A lot of people skip this part and then wonder why things aren’t working out. The reason why is because all of your efforts to drive traffic to your page and gain a quality following will fall flat if they get to your social media page and see a whole lot of nothing, or a lot of random posts. Remember – if you are trying to grow a quality following – you need to provide value so people WANT to hit the follow button.

It’s kind of like planting fruit seeds and not really going through the whole process of caring for and watering them to get to the end and being like. Where’s my fruit though? Come on!

The most important part of setting up your strategy is to be sure it is very specific – What is your objective? Do you want to get locals coming into your store? If you have your strategy set up very specific, it can help you determine what social media platforms will be the best fit for your business.

Be Real!

When you are speaking in your blogs or in your posts (if you have someone you hired) make sure the voice is in it and it is represented throughout. Add humor! Let that personality shine, baby. Because if it’s phony or boring, you might as well be throwing time and money down the toilet.

Not many, if any, will want to read or engage if it doesn’t sound like something they can identify with. So, make sure you talk like an actual human – not a robot.

Use each platform to the fullest!

Encourage engagement. Go live. Use Instagram/Facebook stories to go behind the scenes. Try out all of the features to get your audience to engage with you! It’s fun! Plus, sometimes it really helps to get feedback from your customers. By using polls or questions you can find out what your customers opinions are just from the stories feature! Pretty cool.

Provide Support.

You can show your customers that you are there for them and they don’t have to sit on hold. Develop your reputation as a responsive, caring brand by offering support through social channels:

 Make sure you respond quickly to concerns and questions.

Be positive and kind.

Listen To all criticism. It helps development.

Know when to resolve public conversations in a DM.

Marketing costs add up and not every small business can afford a six-figure salary for a full-time marketing manager. Sometimes, I hear that it’s hard to even have a budget to run ads! But that’s one of the most important, easiest and most affordable ways to grow your business.

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