Jai Lopa


Co-Owner and Chief Digital Officer

Jai Lopa is incredibly passionate about finding creative and new solutions to show off how awesome your brand is.


She worked as a Real Time Business Analyst for a multi billion dollar corporation working up the ladder for half of a decade before she realized that she didn’t have to wait to start her own company. She didn’t have to sit and be miserable at a job that left her feeling empty each day. She has always had a passion to help others and brings this full force with everything she does, especially with Wolf & Rabbit. She brings her attention to detail and ability to create strategy in the moment to her position with Wolf&Rabbit and it really shows.

Specializes in:

Customer relations
Content creation
Social Media Management
Video editing
Video creator
Human Resources

Favorite Starbucks Drink:

I’m a huge fan of the iced green tea latte with coconut milk. That really just gets me bouncing right off the walls and it’s delicious! Have you tried it? (not an affiliate)


Fitness, cooking (vegan), painting like a child, listening/dancing/singing to music. ANY, but I really prefer ‘NSYNC.