Graphic Design

Don’t be like the rest.
Your marketing materials communicate a lot about the vibe of your small business. The better you are at injecting your brand into each and every touch point – the better potential clients will be at knowing exactly what sets you apart from the competition.

Graphic Design Services:

+ Business Branding Launch
+ Event Promotion
+ Business Essentials
+ Campaign Materials
+ Advertisement – Social Media, Billboard, Television
+ Video Production

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Positive and Enjoyable Collaboration!

Starting my new business, I had a good idea of the foundational aspects I was looking for in a logo. I was fairly clueless, however, about the variations needed to fit within social media's constraints. Ren patiently, kindly, and helpfully guided me through my many questions. She also listened closely to what I was seeking creatively, and I am thrilled with the results. This project was a positive and enjoyable collaborative effort, and I look forward to working with Wolf & Rabbit for the long haul!

Michelle Schumacher, A Good Day Geriatric Massage Therapy


Michelle Schumacher, A Good Day Geriatric Massage Therapy