They’re getting messages from huge corporate retailers, crazy discounts from the small place down the street and they’re so used to seeing deals that they might easily just skip over the great promotion that you’ve spent all year planning for them.

With an increasing amount of website options – small business owners can get lost in the land of misinformation and misdirection. There are:

Squarespace, WordPress, WIX, Go Daddy Web Builder,
Webnode, Host Gator

Just to name a few. So how do you choose which platform is the best for your business? Here are the main questions to ask yourself to get started or revamp your existing site.

A big part of a new year is creating a content calendar for everything from blogs, to e-blasts/newsletters and social media. It’s about brainstorming a strategy to bring awareness to the best parts of your business. So what separates the average content calendars from the GREAT ones?

The art of storytelling is not only a good element of marketing – it’s vital. People crave connection and when it comes to making business decisions, we would rather go with someone/a company that we’ve built a connection with over a stranger.