When I visit a companies social media account and see all stock photos, it feels cold. It feels fake or posed. It definitely doesn’t help me learn anything about the culture or mission of that company and if anything it leaves me wondering… what are they hiding?

Prior to Social Media, consumers made their purchasing decisions based primarily on recommendations from close friends, t.v., newspaper outlets and whatever other local business’s were recommending.

Content is what connects us. It what makes people want to follow your social media, subscribe to your newsletters and *hopefully* buy your stuff! And yet, even as experts, we can feel paralyzed when it comes to creating content about our business for our target clients.

Facebook is hosting it’s F8 conference and business owners are watching closely for all of the new updates and information that is being shared at this event. After all the stress from the big algorithm bomb that got dropped in 2017 and with the brand new limit in features on popular marketing dashboard platforms – we could all use some positive excitement.

The rising popularity of Instagram bots is no surprise. They are able to automate some of the best strategies for growing a following – and do this quicker than most people. Because, let’s be honest, as business owners, the one resource we seem to run out of before any other is TIME.

Whether you LOVE stock photos or you HATE them – they have become an essential part of the business toolkit. The photos and images that you choose to represent your brand on your website and social media can make or break people’s first impression of you and your vision.