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We get asked all the time, “but who’s the wolf and who’s the rabbit?” Our answer, “It depends on the day.”

We believe that owning a company is all about balance. The balance between the passionate assertiveness of the wolf and the gentle curiosity of the rabbit.

We have been working as freelance content writers, creators and marketers for the past 6 years. Like a lot of business owners, we started our company with the dream of changing the world. To us, the world is built on small business – and communities either thrive or dry up depending on how well small business owners are doing.

We have helped our clients win awards with our copy writing, grow their brands with our social media expertise, SEO and website services, and have supported them in having the confidence to finally LAUNCH with brand materials that felt true to their vision.

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Jai Lopa


Ren Altizerren

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